Tools recommended by staff


  1. Web 2.0 Tools
  2. Create Free Online Quiz
    - You can set password to your own quiz and can download
    a comprehensive report card showing the scores of yourstudents. You can even find out which are the questions theyanswered wrongly.
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To access any of the following websites/portals:

  1. HCI website
  2. Integrated Virtual Learning Environment
  3. Virtual Learning Environment (HS)
  4. weGET (College)
  5. Kong Chian Library
  6. Jing Xian Library
  7. National Library

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EdTech Projects (accessible by Ed Tech Unit only)

How-To Articles from Microsoft

Click on this link to discover how to get organized. Learn how
to use Microsoft software e.g. excel, word, powerpoint in the
classroom with tips and tricks presented in the how-to articles.