JiTT R2D2 Collaborative Learning Differentiated Instructions


contributed by Boey Soek Bing

What is R2D2?

R2D2 stands for Read, Reflect, Display and Do.

students discover and read online articles from open-access journals, expert web sites, or online portals of famous people

students to blog or discuss about the concepts or ideas that they learned from their reading or listening activities

involves pictures, timelines, flow charts, diagrams and films; such resources are easily available on the web

can perform plays, practice their language skills, collect survey or polling data, compose their own books, create class project, produce their own podcasts, solve problems online


In what situation is R2D2 used?

  • it is intended as a problem-solving wheel that represents phases of learning – from reading and exploration, to reflective writing, to visualization of the content learned, to attempts to try it out
  • it is a means to help instructors consider diverse learner needs
  • it is a tool for reflecting on one's teaching practices

What is the principle behind the R2D2 pedagogy?

Many view technology as a transformative tool for teaching and learning and one that should be avoided where possible (daunting to some). We are overwhelmed with too many tools and resources. Without models and frameworks, teachers utilizing the web for learning will continue to be overwhelmed and frustrated.

Suitable for which subject?

Suitable for all disciplines but it can be challenging for Mathematics Teachers (especially the part on READ and REFLECT).

What is the expected outcome?

  • can help teachers leverage the internet's potential to help students learn
  • I : can help to nurture more Independent learners
  • C : teachers can Customize to the learning needs of his/her students
  • E : it is Experiential where students can find out more (e.g. the use of podcasts to DO, but we do not have to teach students how to do the podcasts)