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English Language 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Loke Lai Fun
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Just-in-Time as well as related to SOW
PC's remarks : a variety of resources which are nicely structured to guide students to understand the art of debating on their own
url : http://lokelf-2010sec3.wikispaces.com
Features of lesson : Collaborative learning
Cheryl Tan June Yin
Individual winner
PC's remarks : Clear instructions with good questions and video to get students thinking.
Students are guided in their collaborative work and have to do a self reflection on the topic
url : http://4a1hci.wikispaces.com | http://4a2hci.wikispaces.com | http://4s1hci.wikispaces.com
Features of lesson : Videos
Ang Mei Kway Rosalind
Individual winner
Pedadgogy : R2D2
PC's remarks : Nice scaffolding with authentic cases for students to think critically.
Good collaborative work for students to think interdependently on the broader issues of the topic.
url : http://4h2rosalindlee.wikispaces.com/ | http://4s2rosalindlee.wikispaces.com/ | http://4s3rosalindlee.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Use of video clips to stimulate students' interest in a discussion of Science and Technology issues.
Tommie Chen
Individual winner
PC's remarks : Nice scaffolding with authentic cases for students to think critically.
Good collaborative work for students to think interdependently on the broader issues of the topic.
A variety of web 2.0 resources to help students to understand and consolidate information. Gd use of colours.
url : http://4i1el.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Use of voicethreads for submission
Daniel Siew, Priyah Raj
Team winners
PC's remarks : Good use of resources for DI lesson and was crafted in an interesting manner to enthuse the boys in doing more for their war poetry unit
url : http://proedel.wetpaint.com/
Features of lesson : Different levels of difficulty

English Language

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Shirley Lim
Open-ended Instruction + Differentiated learning
url : http://232atoi.wikispaces.com/Page+1+-i2%2Ci3
Charles Low
Constructivist Learning
url : http://ef-4p2.wikispaces.com/Home+Learning+T1+(1-2+March)
Lim Shiok Hoon Joyce
Differentiated Instruction Platform: Students' Blogs
url : http://superdeetwinkle.wikispaces.com/IT+Home+Learning+T1W9+2010
Rosalind Lee
Guided Inquiry
url : http://4h2rosalindlee.wikispaces.com/
Quah Lee Hwang
PCM Collaborative Learning
url : http://2010s3ef.wikispaces.com/
Jaya Ranee
url : http://4p1.wikispaces.com/

Chinese Language 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Te Yoke Ching
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Multiple Intelligence Theory
url : http://teyc.wetpaint.com/
Features of lesson : videos
Teo Mui Hong
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Multiple Intelligence Theory
url : http://2a3chicese2010.wikispaces.com/ | http://2a2cf2010.wikispaces.com/
Tan Guan Chye
Pedagogy : Blended Learning
Features of lesson :
(1) special design on the ppt so that to make it more suitable for online learning,
(2) youtube to help students learn the concept/strategy easily,
(3) the content of the assessment.
url : http://hs2a3chicese2010.wiki.hci.edu.sg/
Goh Liangzhou, Tan Siu Ching
Pedagogy : Creative Writing
url : http://coolporridge.wetpaint.com/

Chinese Language
name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
url : http://bianj.wetpaint.com/page/20分钟读完的书++++一辈子的思考
Teo Mui Hong
url : http://2a3chinese2010.wikispaces.com/
Lee Wai Chin
Just-in-Time Teaching
url : http://leewc.wetpaint.com/
Ng Meow Yin
url : http://yewkeng.wetpaint.com/
Joseph Sim
Socratic questioning - Questioning viewpoints and perspectives
url : http://josephsim.wetpaint.com/

Integrated Mathematics 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Ang Choon Cheng
Individual winner
Pedagogy : R2D2
Features of lesson : A variety of resources. Quiz etc.
url : http://sites.google.com/site/im3h12010ithomelearning/home/lesson-1-term2
Ang Lai Chiang
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Self-Exploration, Discussion and NE-infused.
PC's remarks : As usual, very appealing, cute and has substance.
With History, quiz, collaboration and reflection.
Features of lesson : Carefully packing (re-packaging of) existing resources, paying close attention of the thought of the students when they scroll through the website. Images are selected to enhance the asesthic value of the package to make it less-boring.
The TOTO theme was chosen due to the following reasons:
(i) An interesting tools to engage the students in their self-study for Probabily
(ii) Gambling is one of the 'in-top' due to the recent open of the two Casino in Singapore
(iii) May-23, 2010 is the 42nd Anniversary of TOTO in Singapore
url : http://sec3ithomelearning.wetpaint.com/page/Probability
Wong Hong Sian
Individual winner
PC's remarks : Very nice layout. Instruction clear, not clutted.
Videos, quizs, can see a lot of effort expended.
url : https://sites.google.com/site/tweetymaths/2010-term-2-homelearning-on-probability-for-4p1
Melissa Choo
Individual winner
Pedagogy : JITT
PC's remarks : Very nice layout, a variety. Opportunity for ACE.
Features of lesson : video, excel applet, powerpoint, graphing calculator
url : http://choosgs2math.wiki.hci.edu.sg/Distance,+Mid-point+and+Circles
Wun Wen Li, Susan Chang, Chua Boon Woo
Team winners
Pedagogy : Investigative Case-Based Learning
PC's remarks : Lot of valuable resources for Statistics especially to attempt to connect to real life's statistics.
Features of lesson : Interactive barcharts. Interesting powerpoint slides as found in attachment. Investigative ACE project.
url : http://chuabw.wetpaint.com/

Integrated Mathematics
name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Ang Lai Chiang
(i) Reading Materials for first-hand study
(ii) Links / Questions to prompt for further exploration and self-study
(iii) Assignment for practise and re-enforce learning
(iv) Forum for discussion and sharing
url : http://sec3ithomelearning.wetpaint.com/page/Circular+Measure
Por So Loon
url : http://hci-math.wetpaint.com/page/Circular+Measures+(Self+Study+Module+1)
Rong Yifei
Inquiry based learning, problem based learning
url : http://hcihomelearning2010.wetpaint.com/
Chua Boon Woo
The access codes for the 2 days online lessons are:
Using IT to reinforce mathematical concepts so that students can develop numeracy,
reasoning, thinking skills, and problem solving skills through the learning and application of mathematics.
url : http://chuabw.wetpaint.com/

Science 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Chu-Chia Wei Ling, Low Swee Xiang, Grace Leong
Team winners (LSS)
Pedagogy : R2D2
PC's remarks : Included authentic task to enagage students
url : http://sites.google.com/a/hc.edu.sg/lss1_separation_techniques/home
Features of lesson : Use of Google Doc for students to answer questions within the lesson as a means to take attendance
Jennifer Ting Jeum Shian
Archive (LSS)
Pedagogy : JITT/R2D2
PC's remarks : Included flash, online quiz
url : http://sites.google.com/site/biologyfutureclass/
Features of lesson : Pre-lesson assignment created using google docs. Real-time collaborative concept mapping using lucidchart
Jennifer Ting Jeum Shian
Individual winner (Biology)
Pedagogy : R2D2
PC's remarks : Very nice layout, a variety. Opportunity for ACE
url : http://sites.google.com/site/starringbiology/
Features of lesson : real-time collaborative learning by using lucidchart.com
Boey Soek Bing
Individual winner (Chemistry)
Pedagogy : R2D2 Storytelling
PC's remarks : Used a variety of tools in the package, e.g. embed ppt, videos, quiz, discussion, news. Evident participation from students
url : http://sites.google.com/site/fuelcrude/
Features of lesson : Voki, GoAnimate, Thatquiz, National Education(new economic development in singapore)
Leong Jia Hui Grace
Archive (Chemistry)
Pedagogy : R2D2 + Group Discussion
url : http://epichem.wordpress.com/qa
Features of lesson : Walkthrough (to teach thought process) created using adobe acrobat sticky note feature. Group collaboration and problem solving incorporated into the lesson.
Chia Kok Pin
Individual winner (Physics)
Pedagogy : R2D2, co-operative learning.
PC's remarks : Embedded video and webpage to scaffold students' learning
url : http://chiakp.wikispaces.com/Sec+3+Physics+E-learning+25-26+May+2010
Features of lesson : Interesting real world application
Yong Yuen Cheng
Individual winner (Physics)
Pedagogy : Problem-Based Learning
PC's remarks : Provided lesson objectives, suggested schedule. Interesting real world application
url : http://sites.google.com/site/physicsultramarathon/home/2010-term-2-home-based-learning
Features of lesson : Authentic PBL with interesting storyline, Youtube video. Students are encouraged to use Discussion Forum and Google Docs to encourage cooperative learning
Adeline Tan
Individual winner (Physics)
Pedagogy : R2D2
PC's remarks : Provided lesson objectives, interesting authentic real world task
url : http://spectrum-em.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : collaboration, authentic task
Ang Siew Hoon
Archive (Physics)
Pedagogy : PBL
url : http://2010sec4homelearning.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Problem based learning
Steven Su, Tieu Han Hooi, Ke Ee Kian, Tan Chin Guan, Tan Hock Chye, Adeline Tan
Archive (Physics)
Pedagogy : R2D2
url : http://sites.google.com/a/hc.edu.sg/vector-resoln/
Features of lesson : read, reflect, comment, discuss
Adeline Tan, Ang Siew Hoon, Tan Hock Chye
Archive (Physics)
Pedagogy : R2D2
url : http://rcphysics.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Cartoon Strip to introduce problem task to engage students. Simulations to help students design their Roller Coaster

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Boey Soek Bing
create class assignments using www.YTeach.co.uk
url : http://sites.google.com/site/boeysb/
Adeline Tan Boon Ping
Collaborative learning, mind mapping
url : http://physicspoppingcorn.wikispaces.com/
Loh Suan Jin Justin
Adobe Presenter
url : http://jlohchem.wetpaint.com/
Tan KaiYuan Zachary
Use of iSpring to feature my lesson slides, Use of Google Forms for the collating of data
and submission of assignments. Other relevant Javascript interactive elements to provide
virtual laboratory experience.
url : http://sites.google.com/site/thestuffoflife/

Integrated Humanities 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Tan Cheng Liang Alvin
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Groupwork
PC's remarks : Easy to navigate, variety of activities, comprehensive list of suggested resources
url : http://lowersecondaryhistory.wikispaces.com/sec2historyterm22010
Features of lesson : Use of discussion forum
Russell Corr
Individual winner
Pedagogy : R2D2
PC's remarks : Variety of resources + interactive activity
url : http://pomhistoryteacher.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Video clip to engage students to lesson
Yeo Siok Ee, Russell Corr.
Team winners
Pedagogy : Problem solving, R2D2
PC's remarks : Sections clearly delineated. Variety of activities that test areas outside the cognitive domain as well.
url : http://sites.google.com/site/cdehci/classroom-news/onlinelearningterm2
Features of lesson : Authentic learning, videos and recent newspaper articles for students, who are taking on the roles of the MPs preparing for a parliamentary debate, to analyse how Singapore can resolve the problems which the rise of China and the volatile US economy might present.
Sunita Nair, Lim Shiau Yean, Eugene Chua, Yeo Siok Ee, Sri Balan, Paul Ho
PC's remarks : Variety of resources, encourages students to use various web 2.0 platforms to showcase their work.
url : http://hcisec1ihterm2.wetpaint.com/
Features of lesson : Tal.ki, Podcasts, Quizinator

Integrated Humanities
name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Gwee Hana
Socratic Questioning
url : http://vle.hci.edu.sg/humanities/hana/
Eugene Chua
Social Constructivist Online Learning Communities
url : http://hci-ispark-s2-futureschool-history.wetpaint.com/
Lim Hong Chin
Parallel Curriculum:
- The written assignment will incorporate the parallel connectivity pedagogical approach
whereby students will link the relationship between land/sea breezes and Singapore.
url : http://trackstar.4teachers.org/trackstar/index.jsp
Tan Siew Hua
Just-in-time & open-ended discussion
url : http://hci-hp-s4-history.wikispaces.com/Week+9+-+Home-learning
Paul Ho
Constructivist Approach, Understanding by Design
url : http://classjump.com/aphelionhistory/?section=classes&class_id=57408
Lim Chuan Chia
Problem Based
url : http://volcanicfeatures.wetpaint.com/
Lim Shiau Yean
Discussion pages, engage with film clips
url : http://sec4ihc-march2010-4p1.wikispaces.com/Limsy+IHC+Home+Learning+March+2010
Cheryl Wong
Discussion Forum, engagement with film clips
url : http://emergencyliterature.wikispaces.com/Sec+3+-+Singaporean+Literature+(Stand+Alone)+(by+Mrs+Cheryl+Wong)

Humanities Programme (Literature)

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Loh Wei Ling
Individual winner
PC's remarks : Using Interactive weblinks and youtube videos to engage students.
Her site has a very strong theme thrust, compact build up and well scaffolded to develop independent learning. There is evidence of using a variety of pedagogies that will stimulate curiosity. The lesson culminates in a meaningful set task for students to respond to and submissions to be uploaded to her iVLE.
url : http://s4t2oedipus.wikispaces.com/
Features of lesson : Interactive weblinks and youtube videos to engage students
Adrian Chan
Pedagogy : Differentiated, Theme based- Singapore Literature
PC's remarks : Compare and contrast exercise
url : http://s4poetry.wikispaces.com/

InfoComm Studies 2010

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Kent Cheong
Individual winner
Pedagogy : Asynchronous learning with Video On Demand.
PC's remarks : Good idea to voice over slides and explain steps to make movie.
url : http://www.hci.sg/~kent/is/me/virtualclass/
Features of lesson : Video presentation with text / powerpoint, quiz.

Art Elective Programme

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Low Sok Hui
Individual Learning -- research and sketches to be made by students
url : https://sites.google.com/site/sec1aep2010onlinelesson1/

Interdisciplinary Studies

name of staff
remarks e.g. pedagogical approach
Tham Siang Wah, Huang Si Jian, Gwee Hwee Ngee
Team winners
Pedagogy : PBL
PC's remarks : Clear guidelines and task provided. Simple page layout but very convenient navigation paths. Worksheets provided opportunities for reflections.
url : http://www.hci.sg/ispark/2010/ids02/sec1.html | http://www.hci.sg/ispark/2010/ids02/sec2.html |