Computer Accounts | Passwords

Computer Accounts

  1. An individual user's account is strictly for its owner's use only.
  2. The owner of an account is fully responsible and accountable for activities and security of his/her account.
  3. A user must not permit and prevent anyone else from using and accessing his/her account for whatever purpose. Eg, he/she must not let another person (eg, an outsider) to login to one's account for the sole purpose of remote-login to other hosts.


  1. A user is responsible for the security of his/her own passwords. This would include changing the password when receiving it for the first time, changing password on a regular basis, keeping them confidential, making sure that no one else comes to know about the passwords and selecting easy-to-remember but difficult-to-guess passwords.
  2. Staff users must not disclose their account's password to any student.